Friday, December 3, 2010

Russia Produce T-90S MBT New Features

The T-90S main battle tank is a deeply modernised variant of the legendary T-72 MBT family embodying latest achievements in tank-building, yet having undergone no profound changes in configuration. Thanks to a number of hi-tech design features, the tank has acquired advanced combat and operational capabilities.

In November 2007, it has been estimated that the Russian Army has around 200 T-90 tanks. In August 2007, Thales was awarded a contract to supply 100 of these with the Catherine FC thermal imager. In March 2006, Algeria signed a contract for the supply of 180 T-90S tanks from Uralvagonzavod, to be delivered by 2011. Of the total, 102 tanks were in service with the Algerian Army by 2008.

• high reliability of all units and assemblies, as well as the tank as a whole
• formidable main gun and guided missiles
• up-to-date fire control system
• enhanced combat manoeuvrability
• enhanced survivability under attacks of HE and APDS projectiles
• optronic suppression system
• maximal similarity to the T-72 MBT family providing ease and cost reduction of crew training

India Arny T-90S Main Battle Tank
The integral explosive reactive armour, coupled with the Shtora-1 optronic suppression system, minimises the tank’s vulnerability to antitank artillery’s HE and APDS munitions, and guided missiles.

Basic Specifications


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