Friday, December 3, 2010

2S25 SPRUT-SD Self-Propelled Anti-Tank Gun

The 2S25 Sprut-SD self-propelled AT gun is designed to combat hostile tanks, artillery pieces, APCs and other mobile and static targets as well as manpower and fire means. The gun is an armoured tracked amphibious combat vehicle with a formidable gun and missile weapons suite capable of covering distances of up to 500 km without refuelling.

Sprut-SD can be transported by aircraft and amphibious assault ships. It is fit for air-landing and air-dropping with crew inside. Boasting high specific power, the SP gun can fight in mountainous terrain and in tropical climate, swim across wet gaps in stride in Sea State up to 3 while firing within the ±30-degree field of fire, and embark on and disembark from amphibious landing craft when afloat and in combat.

The gun features a 125mm smoothbore gun with autoloader, stabilised in two planes, and a coaxial machine gun. Sprut-SD can fire all types of 125mm tank ammunition including laser beam-riding missiles.

2S25 Sprut-SD self-propelled anti-tank gun tracked armoured vehicle


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