Friday, December 3, 2010

Next Generations T-72M1 Main Battle Tank New Feature

Russia Main Battle Tank T-72M1

The upgraded variant is optimised in terms of costeffectiveness and provides a two-fold increase in the T-
72M1’s combat capabilities.

T-72M1 MBT
Modernisation programme The T-72M1 upgrading package comprises the following systems:
• guided weapons;
• remotely controlled anti-aircraft machine gun;
• multi-channel sight with automatic target tracking capability;
• increased accuracy armament stabiliser;
• combined (day and night) commander’s sight;
• 2A46M upgraded gun;
• ERA;
• active protection suite;
• automatic aerosol screen-laying system;
• electromagnetic mineclearing system;
• satellite navigation equipment;
• advanced radio communications means;
• 1000hp engine;
• modernised chassis with stamped tracks and detachable track shoes for moving on asphalt

Malaysian Import T-21M1 MBT Upgrade Russia
T-21M1 MBT Russia

 Specifications T2M1 MBT Upgrade


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