Saturday, December 25, 2010

CL289 Reconnaissance Drone

The reconnaissance system CL 289 Reconnaissance Drone is the world-wide unique operational Fast Flying Tactical System. It has been in service with the German and French forces for surveillance and reconnaissance tasks since the beginning of the 1990's. In more than 1500 flights and operational missions in France, Germany and NATO/ EU engagements in the former Yugoslavia, the system has shown its high-image quality and high mission effectiveness.

The system comprises autonomous, reusable and mobile ground equipment, which facilitates the conduct of autonomous missions by means of pre-programmed mission data. Various reconnaissance sensors such as an optical camera and an Infra-Red Line Scanner (IRLS) guarantee day and night as well as adverse weather operability. The system has a modular design; the sensors are quickly exchangeable and the ground
equipment is scalable to meet all tactical tasks.

The Reconnaissance System CL 289 is an evolving system. Both major and minor system upgrades are continuously being made to keep the CL 289 system in shape for future expansion and demands.

The major improvements are:
• Improved on-board flight control and navigation system including new computer HW, SW and a new GPS (latest generation).
• Enhanced mission planning capability through a new mission planning facility based on COTS HW and SW with common planning features for the French and German forces. It is well prepared to integrate future upgrades.
• Fully digitised M 11N datalink ground station and M 12N image exploitation station connected via a powerful 1 Gb Ethernet network provides.
• Digital online monitoring of IRLS-data.
• Nearly online distribution and exploitation of IR image sequences.
• Scalable image exploitation capability.
• Powerful exploitation and reporting tools.

A major upgrade programme is proposed for the Bundeswehr which will improve the system performance by introducing the state-of-the-art reconnaissance technology. The proposed fully digitised system can be integrated in an overall ISR architecture with standard interfaces to NATO or national C3I systems. The
system is open to participate in the running progress of reconnaissance and information technology


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