Sunday, December 5, 2010

RPG-7V1 Portable Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher

RPG-7V1 40mm

Though called antitank, RPG-7V1 armed with various-purpose rockets is a truly multirole rocket launcher. It is designed to engage armoured vehicles, various weapon systems, as well as personnel in open terrain and behind cover. In addition to non-splitting barrel version, there is a special variant for airborne troops (RPG-7D), with the barrel split in two parts for more convenient parachuting.

The launcher fires various-purpose RAPs. The PG-7VL shaped-charge rocket is designed to counter armoured targets and personnel in protective covers. The PG-7VR tandem shaped-charge rocket is designed to engage armoured targets, including those fitted with ERA, as well as personnel in protective covers.

The TBG-7V multiple effect (HE, fragmentation and incendiary) rocket is designed to attack personnel in open terrain or behind shelters, and destroy light armoured vehicles and various fortifications. The OG-7V fragmentation rocket is designed to kill personnel, including those wearing body armour, as well as destroy
soft-skinned vehicles. The launcher is breechloaded.

The rocket launcher mounts a standard attachment point for a day optical sight or a night optronic one. Also, a mechanical sight is an option. A complete set of the launcher includes a detachable bipod. RPG-7V1 is easy to handle and reliable in any conditions. Alongside with the Kalashnikov assault rifles, these weapons are most popular in the world.
RPG-7V1 Portable Anti-Tank


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