Sunday, December 5, 2010

SHMEL Infantry Rocket Flamethrower By Russia


The Shmel disposable flamethrower is employed to increase combat capabilities of the ground forces. It is designed to attack personnel and weapon systems in various covers, as well as to destroy fortifications, automobiles and lightly armoured vehicles, and set fire and generate smoke screens.

Shmel is most effective in terrains, where artillery or armoured vehicles are restricted, i.e. in mountains, built-up areas, forests, on the plain when roads are impassable, or when enemy aviation and artillery enjoy obvious superiority, and also in ranger (guerrilla) operations. The flamethrower can be fitted with three types of warheads:

• RPO-A (thermobaric) warhead, used to attack protected weapon systems in built-up areas, fields, mountains, as well as to destroy covers, automobiles and lightly armoured vehicles; • RPO-Z (incendiary) warhead, used to set landscape, buildings, and oil depots on fire;
• RPO-D (smoke) warhead, used to set up smoke screens, blinding weapon system crews, as well as to create unbearable conditions inside various covers.

The Shmel flamethrower boasts high combat capabilities and reliability, and is easy to handle.


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