Saturday, December 25, 2010

German Army and CL-289 UAV

The CL-289 UAV configuration is characterised by cruciform wings and canard control surfaces for high survivability, easy tactical handling and excellent aerodynamic stability. Due to this stability, the sensors do not need any additional stabilisation system. The sustainer engine is a single-stage turbojet engine. During launch, a solid-propellant booster accelerates the CL-289 UAV to the flight velocity. The flight control and navigation system uses a three-axis flight control system, a GPS, a Doppler system and an Air Distance Measuring Unit (ADMU).

The sensor payload comprises the highquality 3-lense Optical Film Camera KRb 8/24 D by Carl Zeiss (Oberkochen/ Germany) and the IRLS "CORSAIRE" by SAT (Paris/France). A two-stage parachute system and landing bags are used for the UAV landing. The recovery sequence is initiated automatically.

The Ground Equipment The modular ground equipment consists of the mission planning facility, launch
and recovery equipment, the data link ground station, the aerial imagery exploitation equipment and the maintenance facility. All the modules are mobile. In the mission planning facility, the mission request is transferred into the reconnaissance mission. The mission data are transmitted via a data transfer unit or via
a radio data link to the launcher.

The launch system includes a zero-length launcher, an automatic pre-flight checkout unit and the electric and pneumatic power supplies. The recovery system is used to recover the UAV at the chosen landing area and to bring it to the maintenance facility.

The data link ground station receives the IRLS video data from the CL 289 UAV. In the new "M 11N" ground station, the IR-screening can be displayed online in a waterfall mode. It can be synchronised with a digital map, showing sensor-path and -coverage. The data are stored in a raid system for further exploitation. The "LBAA Bundeswehr" (Image Exploitation System of the German Bundeswehr) is used in the CL 289 system in an army-specific configuration. The latest configuration "M 12N" combines a multisensor digital exploitation station equipped with advanced workstations and video technology.

RecceMan-CL 289 UAV, a powerful tool to support identification, is also integrated as a reporting tool to support
the preparation of formatted exploitation reports (ADLER, RECEXREP). The CL-289 UAV systems configuration and maintenance/repair facilities are designed for short turn-around times and high mission frequencies.


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