Thursday, November 25, 2010


XK2 Black Panther Main Battle Tank

The XK2 Black Panther Main Battle Tank will remain in production through 2010. The evolution from the K1 to the K1A1 saw the evolution of tank design and building skills in Korea, this was a true indigenous tank. Equally important was the development of Korean capabilities at the systems and sub-systems level. This further enhanced the local technology base and provided the basis for future growth.

One of the key programmes that demonstrates the sophistication of the Korean defence industry is the Altay tank programme for the Turkish Land Forces Command (TLFC). Rotem in Korea had developed the XK-2
Black Panther tank for the ROK Army (see below) and the technologies developed for this programme provided the ability for the Korean company to become the key technology partner for the Turkish tank programme in competition against proposals from many of the traditional tank building countries.

Future growth was definitely on the agenda in Korea, in 1995 work started on a next generation tank at ADD that would eventually lead to the XK2 Black Panther Tank made South Korea. The prototype XK2 was displayed in March 2007 by ADD and Rotem and the tank is on course to enter ROK Army service in 2011.

The XK2 Black Panther South Korea Main Battle Tank is a true state-of-the-art main battle tank featuring a 120 mm 55-calibre gun fed by an automatic loading system, the tank has a crew of three and protection is provided by a Korean-designed modular and composite armour system.


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