Monday, November 22, 2010

China Military Forces DF-11A Conventional Ballistic Missile

However, a close reading of an interview he gave with the Chinese media reveals that Liu Shiquan is not the father of the Chinese cruise missile, but of the DF-11A (DongFeng-11A) SRBM. 8 The DF-11A, an extended range, more accurate variant of the DF-11, was first fielded by the PLA’s Second Artillery Corps in 1999,9 and remains the Ninth Academy’smain product.

Liu Shiquan’s deep involvement in the ballistic missile field is also further suggested by his lead role in the 2003 publishing of a four hundred page book entitled “Techniques for Defeating Ballistic Missile Defense,” which discusses the development of ballistic missile defense (BMD), and the many ways in which ballistic missiles can defeat BMD shields.


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