Friday, October 15, 2010

Indonesia Made Fighter FA-50 And LS-X By PT.DI

Indonesia Made Fighter FA-50 and Training Aircraft LS-X 

Because of dilapidation Morality This nation of corruption, markup, sales of natural resources for the exploration and Overseas Private PT.DI etc. so far behind China and Pakistan with the State in making fighter planes, What else after BJ left. Habibie and no funds from the government because the State only Money wasted by the Parliament, and officials institutions whether from the state government to make PT.DI roads etc. in place only resulting in the aircraft CN-235 and N-250 and even then only the legacy of BJ. Habibie. Yes alhamdulillah Pakistan who can make JF-17 fighter plane with my Joint offering to make this type of combat aircraft.

Indonesia in cooperation with South Korea to make The Plane Train

If you want diruntut there is the intention of a number of countries that envy with Indonesia's progress in the field of aerospace, it is no wonder if the various ways in loakukan for PT.DI this can not be developed. Many Factors to be disclosed here, which obviously only if reasonable BJ. Concerned with the condition PT.DI Habibie today that just simply alone. For more details please read on another blog. 
 Indonesia and South Korea Made FA-50 Figthter
 But we do not need to fret a number of countries which includes South Korea who offered to Indonesia to make the aircraft combat and training aircraft. Types of fighter aircraft is named FA-50 will be realized beginning in 2011. Where current conditions PT.DI then South Korea can understand, then the agreement has been signed and approved by the Parties keduah between Indonesia and South Korea.

FA-50 fighter planes it is shaped like the F-16 Fighting Falcon but tehnologinya and spraying like a type of Sukhoi fighter aircraft of the 5th Generaisi the T-50. but ririskiky sepecifik Peswat FA-50 fighter is included in the category of Technology Generation Fighter 5.


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