Friday, October 15, 2010

Indonesia made Humvee APC-Komando By Indonesian Military Industry

Humvee APC P1-Komando Gallant and Frightening on The Battlefield

Combat vehicles or so-called (APC : Armored Personnel Carrier) is made by the Son-daughter of Indonesia. Combat Vehicles Humvee (APC- P1Komando) is capable of driving the streets are muddy and in heavy terrain, and equipped with sophisticated weapons systems. And also controlled by computer systems and GPS navigations.

 Humvee APC P1-Komando Indonesia Army Industry

Humvee APC P1-Komando Made Indonesia Army Industry
APC Command It will continue to be developed for combat vehicles could be a more reliable and sophisticated in accordance with technological developments, Functions and terrain.

Humvee APC P1-Komando Passing through a muddy area of Rice Field


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