Sunday, November 20, 2011

Study Analysis Sensor Systems Equip SOF Operation

PEO-SRSE’s portfolio encompasses tagging, tracking and locating (TTL) systems; sensor systems; biometrics and forensics  equipment; technical support systems; Rapid Capability Insertion (RCI); and National Systems Support to SOF (NSSS). The general areas of focus for each of these product areas are summarized in the following paragraphs. TTL systems and enabling tools provide SOF with the capability to find, fix and finish targets, such as enemy personnel and mobility platforms in OCO. The fielded portfolio of tagging, closetarget audio and video tracking, optical tracking and close-target reconnaissance systems is continuously adapted and updated to meet dynamic SOF operational requirements across all theaters of operation.

Sensor systems equip SOF with enhanced standoff capabilities for targeting and locating adversary personnel and equipment. Operator mission planning and decision-making capabilities are enhanced with real-time and near real-time capture and transfer of  data, increased situational awareness, and state-of-the-art information display and processing. Biometrics and forensics equipment provides SOF with the capability to rapidly and efficiently examine and exploit sensitive sites.

The collection of forensic evidence and the identity verification of personnel detained on-site expedite SOF decision-making processes on the ground. Biometric tools are also used to gather and store information on captured combatants and other persons of interest and to verify the identities of local nationals seeking employment or access to foreign and domestic U.S. bases and installations. The RCI organization seeks to develop and implement streamlined processes for the research and identification of mature enabling technologies for further development and integration into PEO-SRSE-managed systems.

The Technical Support Systems office acquires and sustains common items and supporting systems and services that have application across the entire PEO-SRSE product portfolio. These enabling capabilities include: data dissemination architectures, integration facilities, power and antenna subsystems, cabling, concealments, miniaturization and anti-tamper measures. PEO-SRSE also oversees and manages the identification and leveraging of critical enabling technologies under the NSSS, Special Reconnaissance Capabilities (SRC), and Clandestine Tagging, Tracking and Locating (CTTL) programs. 


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