Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Steyr Elite Sniper Rifle By Made Austria

Introduced in early 2006, the Steyr Elite is a sniper rifle development of the Steyr Scout Rifle (see Austrian Sporting Rifles). The standard caliber is 7.62mm, but 7mm-08 and 5.56mm versions are also available. The Elite is designed to be a precision tactical rifle primarily for police use, for use as a quick sharpshooting weapon where a full sniper rig is not necessary or available. The Steyr Elite sniper rifle uses Steyr’s SBS (Safe Bolt System) to enhance safety. The trigger is two-stage, with the first stage set at 3.5 pounds and the second stage requiring virtually no pressure to fire the weapon. The stock is a modified form of the Scout rifle, made from reinforced textured polymer with an adjustable cheekpiece, a butt plate adjustable for height and length, and a thick recoil pad on the butt.

Steyr Elite Rifle/Steyr Elite Sniper Rifle
Steyr Elite Sniper Rifle
The receiver is of aircraft aluminum. The barrel is free-floating, match quality, and 22.4 inches long, with no flash suppressor or muzzle brake used. The top of the receiver has a long MIL-STD-1913 rail. The action requires almost no lubrication for proper functioning, and works best with spray-on-type dry lubricant. The bipod is the same as that on the Scout Rifle, but reinforced and stronger; it is built into the handguard, and swings down for use. Like the Scout Rifle, the bipod is not adjustable.

The forward mounting point for the sling swivels can also be used to mount certain bipods. (The sling swivels themselves are not included with the rifle as bought from the factory.) The finish or the rifle is presently available only in black, and it is not known whether more colors will be available in the future, as came later with the Scout Rifle.


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