Monday, May 30, 2011

United States Special Operations Warfighters

U.S. Special Operations Command provides fully capable special operations forces to defend the United States and its interests. Special operations encompass the use of relatively small units in direct or indirect military actions focused on strategic or operational objectives. Special operations units are often involved in politically sensitive missions where detection and possible mission failure can result in damage to the United States prestige and interests. Successful mission accomplishment requires a delicate balance of highly trained specialized personnel employing unique equipment and tactics.

The unique materiel requirements for special operations routinely exceed that of conventional military forces. To satisfy these materiel requirements, the commander of U.S. Special Operations Command employs the Special Operations Research, Development and Acquisition Center in order to provide rapid and focused acquisition, technology and logistics support to special operations forces warfighters. As such, the combined activities of this center perform as a key enabler to “accelerate the force” in support of U.S. Special Operations Command’s global mission. The focus of special operations acquisition for fiscal year 2010 is threefold: 

1) To push acquisition authorities to the lowest level possible throughout the command
2) To aggressively engage industry to share ideas and gain knowledge of new and emerging technologies
3) To establish and implement a Joint Acquisition Task Force to address high priority complex urgent acquisitions.

Our approved acquisition budget for fiscal year 2010 is $3.4 billion. Procurement funds in excess of $1.7 billion comprise the overwhelming percentage of this budget. Managing the execution of this acquisition
budget and the procurement of special operations-unique equipment on a daily basis are six program executive offices, two direct reporting program managers, a specialized Joint Acquisition Task Force, three
distinct directorates, and a separate Logistics Directorate which provides sustainment support activities for the center. Process efficiency, innovation and agility are further enhanced by virtue of a streamlined oversight and
management staff. Combined, the efficient actions of these entities and the judicious use of taxpayer funds enable U.S. Special Operations Command to produce an agile and effective acquisition response to the rapidly evolving materiel demands of our special operations warfighters.


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