Saturday, April 9, 2011

Genuine AK-74 Assault Rifle and Variant SLR-105 Assault Rifle

A genuine AK-74 Assault Rifle is now available in the US; though it too is semiautomatic-only, for all other purposes, it is essentially a standard (Bulgarian version) of the AKS-74 assault rifle. As it is a post-ban weapon, this includes the AK-74 type flash suppressor/muzzle brake and even a bayonet lug. An AKS-74 version is also sold by Arsenal USA, and the left-side sight mounts are available for both types. Stats are included here for completeness.

Ak-74 Assault Rifle

This Bulgarian-American product is basically a semiautomatic civilian version of the AK-74, with a few improvements. When first introduced in 2002, the Brady Gun Ban was in still effect, so the SLR-105 Assault Rifle had no bayonet lug or sling swivels and special magazines with a capacity of ten rounds were made for the SLR-105 Assault Rifle. In addition, the normal flash suppressor was removed and replaced with a muzzle brake of US design and compliant with NATO threads. In addition, the stock is made from NATO standard synthetic material instead of wood. After the sunset of the Gun Ban, a new version, the SLR-105A1 Assault Rifle was made, with a bayonet lug, sling swivels, and the ability to use standard AK-74 magazines (in addition to the 10-round magazines already in circulation).

SLR-105 Assault Rifle

The stock and muzzle brake were retained on the new model. Other improvements include a new trigger disconnector that eliminates the "trigger slap" which is common in AK-series rifles; in addition, the new trigger group is simply better than the standard AK-74’s trigger group, with no creepy feeling and a light pull. The SLR-105A1 Assault Rifle is also available with a Russian-style scope rail (mounted on the left side of the receiver); this version is known as the SLR-105A1R Assault Rifle . All these versions shoot identically for game purposes.

SLR-105A1 Assault Rifle

SLR-105A1R Assault Rifle


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