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Diemaco C-7 Assault Rifle Series and C8 Series Rifle

Diemaco C&, C7A1 Rifle, C7A2 Assault Rifle Diemaco C-8A1 and C8A2 Assault Rifle

Diemaco C-7 Assault Rifle started life as a license-produced version of the M-16A2; but the engineers at Diemaco (now called Colt Canada) tinkered with the base design, correcting many of the shortcomings of the M-16A2 Assault Rifle, such as sensitivity to dirt, and the problem that often occurs with case ejection on the M-16A2 Assault Rifle . They also managed to lighten it somewhat by using more modern materials that are also tougher, and the barrel is cold-forged to give it added strength and durability. The result is basically a product-improved M-16A2, and the Canadians began to issue it to their troops in 1984.

Diemaco C-7 or C7 Assault Rifle

In the late 1980s, the Danish and Dutch issued it to their troops, and it is rumored that the special operations units of several other European countries are also using the C-8A1 Assault Rifle and C-8A2 Assault Rifle versions of this rifle. Colt USA has also quietly incorporated most of the improvements into their production M-16 series rifles.

The basic C-7Assault Rifle is in fact a product-improved version of the basic M-16A2 and depending on the customer, may be had with a 3-round burst setting or a full-automatic fire setting. The C-7A2 Assault Rifle is basically the Canadian equivalent of the M-16A3/A4 Assault Rifle, being a C-7 with the top of the receiver redesigned. In place of the carrying handle/rear sight combination, the C-7A1 Assault Rifle has a raised rear sight and a MIL-STD-1913 rail to allow the mounting of a large variety of optics.

C7A1 and C7A2 Assault rifle

The rear sight is removed and stored in the stock if some sort of optical or night sight is mounted As an option, the MIL-STD-1913 rail may be removed and replaced with a Weaver or RARDE rail if older optics are going to be used. The C-7A1 Assault Rifle is normally issued with a light optical sight made by Elcan; this is included in the cost listed below. Like the M-16A2, they have barrels which are 20 inches long.

C8A1 Carbine Assault Rifle

The C-7A2 Assault Rifle is the mid-life upgrade for the C-7 Assault Rifle and C-7A1 Assault Rifle ; it features a telescoping stock like that of the C-8. This stock also has a butt pad which acts as a shock absorber and an anti-slip device. The buffer was modified by replacing one of the steel weights in the buffer mass tube with a tungsten weight; this slight additional mass prevents light strikes on the bolt carrier group which might otherwise cause a misfire.

C8A2 Assault Rifle

The cyclic rate is somewhat reduced (but has no practical effect in game terms) to increase reliability, controllability, and wear and tear. The C-7A2 has an ambidextrous magazine catch, ambidextrous charging handle release, and ambidextrous selector lever.


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