Saturday, February 19, 2011

FV-107 Scimitar and FV-432 Radar Vehicle British Army Force

FV-107 Scimitar This is basically a Scorpion with a slightly different turret mounting a 30mm Rarden autocannon instead of the 76mm gun. Other than being slightly lighter than the Scorpion and having a smoother-riding suspension and better night vision suite, the Scimitar is identical to the Scorpion. Most British versions are diesel powered, but most export versions are gasoline powered. The Sabre is a Scorpion light tank fitted with the turret of the Fox armored car, along with some upgrades in engine, transmission, smoke grenade launchers, and stowage. This was done to save money on the introduction of a new reconnaissance vehicle. The FV107 Scimitar played an important role during the Falklands War, just like the Scorpion.

FV-432 Radar Vehicle 
This is an FV-432 armored personnel carrier fitted with a counterbattery/ground surveillance radar set. The radar has a ground surveillance range of 10 km and a counterbattery range of 20 km. The radar and the associated takes up almost the entire passenger area of the vehicle, and there is no room for passengers.

FV-432 Radar Vehicle Mortal Carrier


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