Friday, January 28, 2011

Israel Armed Forces Variant Magach 7 Series MBT

MAgach 7A, Magach 7B And Magach 7C MBT Israel Defence Force

The Israel Defence Force (IDF) is planning extensive cuts to its ground forces. The IDF presented its amended work plan early in June 2003, which included cuts of 20% of Israel's ground forces over a five year period, the deepest cut in the past 15 years. The IDF would keep fewer old platforms [i.e. tanks] and more investment in new technology. The cuts include a gradual disposal of all the IDF's M 60 main battle tanks.
The Magach 7A has flat-sided, riveted, applique armour modules. In comparison, the modular armour kit for the Magach 7C, code-named 'Envelope' by its manufacturers IMI, has better ballistic shaping. The arrowhead-shaped turret front of the Magach 7C does, however, make it difficult for the driver to bail out from a burning tank, though IMI made sure that at whatever angle the turret is positioned, the driver can still exit from his hatch.

The Magach BATASH's turret has a hybrid armour package incorporating reactive as well as passive layers. One senior company representative has referred to it as being designed specifically for LIC operations. It is likely that the hybrid package is optimised to protect against multiple heavy ATGM strikes. The glacis of the Magach BATASH is protected by second generation 'Super Blazer' reactive armour tiles. The side skirts are the same as those of the Magach 7.

Magachs remaining in service are systematically being retrofitted with Moked ('Focus') laser warning systems, which alert the crew if the tank has been 'painted' by a targeting laser. In addition Magachs have been fitted with a fire and explosion suppression system from the Israeli manufacturer Spectronix.

This conversion kit is intended for Academy’s 1/35 I.D.F. M60A1 kit.Legend’s Magach 7A conversion kit pieces look mighty impressive, crisply cast, smooth and free of air bubbles in its cream resin. The pieces are thin yet stiff and opaque and I don’t see any translucency caused by a shortage of resin (flow) when casting thin flat plates. The pieces are also surprisingly devoid of excess flash (except where support is needed). Furthermore, the pieces are mainly for detailing since the turret is a solid one-piece cast.I found all the small pieces are incredibly sharp and free of damage as they stand erect on their pour blocks-not an easy feat to do. Why even the FN MAGs’ bipod is crispy cast and free of warpage and flash.

The 50cal’s barrel is also straight-as-a-rod with the cooling air vent holes perfectly imprinted.Pieces that should be flat (such as the deck and side skirts) ARE indeed flat! While it’s probably premature to assume flatness without actual construction, I find comfort knowing that a flat-looking piece will probably glue flat and flush against the Academy M60 hull just as Legend intended.Legend throws all resin pieces into a single bag so if you have this kit, I would separate the pieces according to flat, heavy, small and delicate in order to avoid future damage. This tank is equipped with passive armour arrays and associated changes to the power pack and running gear aimed at coping with the extra weight. A new fire control system (FCS) is installed.


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