Saturday, January 29, 2011

FNSS 8x8 Pars APC and Terrex AV81 APC

A new firm on the AFV market is General Purpose Vehicles (GPV), of New Haven, Michigan, which developed the modular GPV series comprising the 4 x 4 Sentry, 6 x 6 Commander, 8 x 8 Captain, 8 x 8 Colonel and 10 x 10 General. Gross vehicle weights range from 16.28 tonnes for the Sentry to 37 tonnes for the General depending upon the protection level. An all welded steel hull will defeat 7.62mm AP ammunition and higher levels of protection can be fitted. The vehicle’s design incorporates a V-shaped hull to deflect mine blasts. Depending on the model two to four personnel, including the driver and vehicle commander, are seated in a front cockpit while up 12 personnel can be seated in the rear compartment. A variety of one and two person turrets and remote weapon stations can be integrated on the GPV family. Turkey’s FNSS Savunma Sistemleri AS is marketing the 8 x 8 model, named Pars for this purpose, to the Turkish Land Forces Command.

Terrex 8x8 AV81
Turkey’s Otokar is offering the Singapore Technologies Kinetics 8 x 8 Terrex AV81 to the TLFC. The AV81 was developed as a private venture by STK in collaboration with Timoney Technology of Ireland and the initial prototype unveiled in 2001 has been joined by two other prototypes, including one developed in conjunction with Otokar. With a maximum combat weigh of 24 tonnes the Terrex AV81 is designed to be carried by a C-130. The Terrex AV81 APC would carry a commander, driver and a 10-strong infantry section protected by an all welded steel hull to which additional passive armour can be added. A range of weapon stations and turrets, such as the two-person, 25mm cannon turret fitted to STK’s tracked Bionix 25 IFV, can be installed on the AV81.

The Terrex AV81 APC is one of the latest and most advanced APCs. Vehicle has a modular protection system. It's all-round armor protects occupants from small arms fire, while the frontal armor withstands 12.7-mm armor piercing bullets. Add on armor plates can be added for a higher level of protection. Vehicle has a V-shaped hull, which deflects mine blasts. It can withstand up to 12 kg TNT explosion under the hull and the vehicle still keep on moving.

Terrex AV81 in an APC configuration is armed with a single externally mounted 12.7-mm machine gun and a 40-mm automatic grenade launcher. It is also available in various turret-mounted armament configurations, but number of personnel carried is reduced. It is worth mentioning that the Terrex has a modular top deck and it's configuration can be changed from anti-tank missile carrier to a 105-mm fire support vehicle.

FNSS 8x8 Pars
STK has proposed the development of a family including a 105mm assault gun, command vehicle, 120mm mortar carrier, air defence vehicle and anti-tank missile carrier as well as 155mm/52 calibre self-propelled gun. The 8x8 Pars has a crew of two and can carry up 12 troops. Over 8 tones of cargo can be carried in place of the troops. The APC has an active hydropneumatic suspension system. It enables to adjust ground clearance electronically or to lean vehicle in any direction. Ground clearance is adjusted depending on road conditions. The Pars is also fitted with a central tyre inflation system.

This FNSS 8x8 Pars armored personnel carrier is powered by the Deutz diesel engine, developing 530 hp. Vehicles of the Pars family use the same automotive components. The FNSS claims that vehicle's unrefueled range is over 1 500 km. This APC has an active hydropneumatic suspension system. It enables to adjust ground clearance electronically or to lean vehicle in any direction.


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