Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Russia Next Generation BMP-3 Main Battle Tank Infantry Fighting

BMP-3/BMP-3F Infantry Fighting Vehicle Upgrade

The Russian defence industry has developed a comprehensive BMP-3 IFV modernisation programme to enhance its fire power, armour protection, mobility and reliability.

Modernisation Programme
Principal components to be mounted on the vehicle as part of the modernisation programme are as follows:

• Vesna-K sighting system comprising a thermal imaging camera and an automatic target tracking device;

• SOZh gunner’s sighting system featuring improved optical characteristics, sighting line independently stabilised in two planes, an ATGM laser guidance channel and an integrated laser range-finder;

• electromechanical ATGM loading system;
• new rounds with improved target destruction capability;
• additional armour protection screens;
• Arena-E active protection kit;
• UTD-32 engine;
• TVK-1 driver’s multifunction device;
• IUSSh-688 chassis data control system;
• KBM-3M conditioning system.

Besides the foregoing variant of BMP-3 modernisation, there have been developed some programmes of its partial modernization involving installation of Shtora-1 electro-optical countermeasures system, the gunner’s and driver’s personal digital aid, and a self-contained air conditioner/ power source.

The modernisation programme can be carried out either at the manufacturing plant or customer’s repair facilities with participation of experts dispatched by the producer. Upgraded assets are provided with guarantee and maintenance services rendered by experts of the manufacturing plant for massproduced


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