Friday, December 3, 2010

Russia 2S19M1 and 2S19M1-155 Main Battle Tank Best Combat

2S19M1 and 2S19M1-155 MSTRA-S MBT

The new 2S19M1/ MSTRA-S is one of Russia’s latest offering in this area with a new 155 mm/52 calibre system and 46 rounds on board. The MSTA-K is a rapidly deployable 8x8 truck mounted 152 mm/L47 solution. Work on a dual barrel, autoloaded 152 mm solution in an ‘over-under’ configuration and known as the ‘Coalition’ has also been trialed. Alternatives Artillery is just one way of delivering indirect fire. Rocket artillery and mortars provide their own advantages which both complement conventional tube artillery solutions and erode demand for them.

The 2S19M1 and 2S19M1-155 Msta-S howitzers are up-to-date tracked combat vehicles featuring long-range artillery weapons, armour and NBC protection, increased range, high mobility and sustainability. The howitzers are designed to destroy (suppress) enemy artillery and mortar batteries, tanks, anti-tank
vehicles and other armour, exposed and protected manpower and materiel, command posts, air and anti-missile defence assets and electronic means. They are also intended for coping with field fortifications and other defensive installations, as well as for preventing enemy infantry and tank forces from carrying out manoeuvres.
 Ammunition employed copes with the above range of tasks, while Krasnopol (Krasnopol-M) guided projectile facilitates engagement of pinpoint targets, such as tanks, at a distance of 20 km.

The Msta-S howitzers are fitted with the automated guidance and fire control system that includes topographic orientation equipment, the 1P22 automated back-up sight, the 1P23 sight for direct fire, and a set of ground satellite navigation receiver equipment. The automated guidance and fire control system provides for counterfire manoeuvre with self-sustained measurement of present coordinates, self-sustained calculation of settings for indirect fire, automatic laying of weapon and automatic adjustment of elevation and azimuth after shot when firing at the maximum rate of fire (blind laying pattern). The howitzers are provided with automated ammunition loading system, which ensures high rate of fire.


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