Monday, December 27, 2010

Patriot Ordnance Factory (POF) P415 By U.S ARMY

Alexander’s rifle was cleaned for the first time after 16,000 rounds, not because the P415 needed it, but because he was teaching a course for the State Department that mandated a class on cleaning and maintenance. In a memo to Frank Desomma, President of POF, Alexander stated that he had yet to experience a single malfunction except one that was attributable to a faulty magazine very early in his use of the P415 upper. Alexander, a retired US Army Special Forces Chief Warrant Officer with 26 years’ experience, is not one to make statements such as these lightly or in jest.

16.5" Heavy contour, Fluted to reduce weight and heat
4150 Mil-B-1159F Vanadium Alloy (machinegun rated)
70 Rockwell case hardened heat treated "5R" polygonal barrels are 2X
harder then Mil-Spec & Hammer Forged barrels
Corrosion resistant and 10 times thicker and hardness than mil-spec chromed lining
"5R" Polygonal Rifled barrels from Rock Creek Barrels, Inc.
BC-A5 Muzzle Device
Chamber: 7.62X51 mm NATO (.308 Cal.)

Method of Operation:
Gas Piston operated, rotating bolt (short stroke system)
Reversible piston / gas trap design (two modes of fire)
C.R.O.S. (Corrosion Resistant Operating System):
Chrome plated: Barrel, Gas Block/Tube (billet machined), Gas Plug (billet machined), Gas Piston (billet machined), Bolt Carrier Assembly (one piece billet machined), Silicone Nickel plated A3 Flattop Upper Receiver and Charging Handle.

POF-USA Specifications:
- All raw materials are manufactured from US Steel Mills.
- All heat treats, plating/coatings, are completed by U.S.A. owned and operated manufacturers.
- All accessory and component parts on our weapons systems are from U.S.A. owned and operated manufacturers.
- All of our weapon systems are 100% pure American made.

The latest POF carbines have a “spine” atop the upper receiver rather than a MIL-STD-1913 rail that allows the one piece P-4SX receiver/handguard to be slid into place and retained with bolts, essentially making for a rigid two-piece upper receiver. The P415 barrel is fluted along its entire length for rigidity and heat dissipation. The flutes offer a greater surface area, so heat is more rapidly dispersed than with standard heavy barrels. Flutes also stiffen the barrel and improve accuracy by reducing barrel vibration as the rifle is fired.


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