Saturday, December 4, 2010

Next Generations M1126 Stryker APC Upgrade M2 to MK19

M1126 Stryker APC By U.S Army


Mk19 AGL : Range 36" Damage 3xD6+1
M2 .50cal MG : Range 36" Damage 2xD6+1

Special Rules

Transport : The Stryker may carry up to 9 size 1 models. Models may mount the Stryker simply by moving on to it, and may leave with a Move action in the same way. If models either enter or leave the Stryker, then both the models and the Stryker may only take a single action in that turn. If the LAV is destroyed, every
model on board will immediately suffer a D6-1 Damage Dice.

Armoured: This vehicle an Armour score of 5+ to the Side or Rear facings. It may never make any reactions except to Shoot with the MG.

Tough: The Stryker will ignore the first two failed Armour rolls. An attack that rolls its Kill score will destroy it as normal.

M2: This weapon causes a –1 penalty to Armour rolls.Every Damage Dice this weapon rolls will count as two for the purposes of Suppression only. If every model in the target unit is assigned two or more Damage Dice when this weapon is used, the unit will lose two actions from Suppression, rather than just one.

Mk19 AGL: This weapon causes a –1 penalty to Armour rolls.It will roll extra Damage Dice (but only D6 with no penalty to Armour rolls) against very model within 1” of the centre of the model its first Damage Dice is allocated to - these extra models need not be in Line of Sight.

Intelligence Feeds: Any army with at least one of these units may re-roll its dice for set up and deployment.
Ignore the effects of smoke (see main rulebook).

Wheeled: This vehicle gains +3 inches to its Move if its entire move is on a road Immune to suppression. Subject to the Button Up rule (see Rules Updates)

M1126 Stryker APC Upgrade M2 to MK19


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