Thursday, December 2, 2010

Chinese Produce And Export PLZ05, PLZ45 and GCL45

China Produce PLZ 52 Type 05, GCL45,PLZ05 AND PLZ45

The latest tracked Chinese SPH design is  known as the Norinco PLZ52/Type 05 and is a L52 autoloading version of the 155 mm/45 calibre, 30km standard range PLZ45 which is used domestically but has only one export customer; Kuwait with 27 systems, and is capable of firing standard NATO ammunition.

A tracked solution firing 122mm D-30 rounds is also in development. The new platform could be ready for PLA deployment by 2012. Both weapons are designed to operate the Russian 155 mm Krasnopol laser-guided projectile. China has also produced a CAESAR- like truck mounted system operating the same L45 gun, known as the SH1 with a L52 variant also being developed. The smaller SH2 is a 122mm design.

China Military Defense SH2 122mm Artillery Truck

China Military Defense SH1 L52 Artillery Truck

China Produce PLZ52 Type 05 By Norinco

Norinco Reconnaissance vehicle GCL45

Chinese Produc PLZ05 By Norinco

China Miliatary Industry Made Norincho PLZ45


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