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Sout Korea Military Power Vs North Korea Army

South Korean perspective, while the overall security environment improved with the demise of the Soviet empire, there is now greater uncertainty and a growing number of threats with which to contend. Mismanagement and improper handling of emerging issues and lingering problems will be detrimental to South
Korean security as well as to stability and peace throughout Northeast Asia.

Within this environment, there are two compelling necessities: first, to maintain a strong security alliance between the Republic of Korea (ROK) and the United States, and second, to augment the ROK military on the peninsula and across Northeast Asia. This article examines the uncertainty and threats that face South Korea, the ROK-U.S. alliance, and South Korean defense requirements. four to be unattainable. The North is left with the military offensive in which it has an advantage over the South. In a word, North Korea’s aggressive intent can be backed only by military means.

Among South Korean security concerns, the foremost threat is presented by North Korea’s aggressive intentions and large military establishment. While it has signed important accords with Seoul—the Basic
Agreement, the Joint Declaration of Denuclearization, and the Provisions—North Korea has failed to implement the terms. Rather it is committed to communizing the entire Korean peninsula by use of force. For
Pyongyang unification calls for integrating the divided territory as well as consolidating juche ideology and its ways. The North cannot afford to give up this ultimate goal because it has legitimized the regime and persuaded its people to unite and to make sacrifices. Toward this goal North Korea has adopted a strategy of five besieging offensives:

political peace, ideological, external/ diplomatic, espionage, and, finally, military. But history has proven the first   four to be unattainable. The North is left with the military offensive in which it has an advantage over the South. In a word, North Korea’s aggressive intent can be backed only by military means.

Even with a faltering economy, North Korea has made every effort to modernize its forces and to maintain a military edge over the South. Not only are the North’s forces highly mobile and mechanized; approximately 65 percent are near the demilitarized zone (DMZ) and on a high state of readiness.

These strengths would permit the North to launch a blitzkrieg against the South without reinforcement, redeployment, or massive mobilization. It is believed that North Korea plans either to sweep the entire peninsula before American reinforcements arrive or to partly occupy the Seoul metropolitan area in the early stages of a war. In both cases South Korea, with its capital located only 40 kilometers from the DMZ, would suffer severely. Arms control may be the most suitable way to reduce military tension along the DMZ. But arms control talks are unlikely to yield success.

Though initiatives have been proposed some 280 times since the Korean War, most of them are unrealistic
and have served mainly as propaganda. In fact, in the Basic Agreement and the Provisions, the North
agreed to introduce some declaratory arms control measures and to negotiate further. But it has failed to do so. Moreover, it has been trying to weaken the ROK–U.S. combined defense posture by demanding the withdrawal of U.S. Forces Korea (USFK) as a precondition for talks. Thus, North Korea is not committed to creating a stable military situation on the peninsula. Rather it tries to retain a militarily favorable condition for achieving forceful unification. One can therefore expect the military threat to continue.

The North’s conventional military threat has been heightened by its possible possession of weapons of mass destruction. While it is uncertain whether North Korea has nuclear weapons, it definitely has the capability to produce them. Strategically, a nuclear-armed North could prevent the United States from using nuclear weapons by holding South Korea and parts of Japan hostage.

Pyongyang could thus undermine extended deterrence and confound escalation control in a conflict between the two Koreas. In other words, by complicating strategic responses and weakening the credibility of deterrence vis-à-vis the South, a nuclear-armed North could gain an active deterrent against the United States while launching a conventional attack. Thus, under any circumstance, North Korea cannot be allowed to acquire such weapons or retain a clandestine nuclear capability.

North Korea Tank
 The focus on nuclear issues has tended to overshadow other weapons of mass destruction, that is, chemical, biological, and toxin weapons. While one should not underestimate the strategic value of biological and toxin weapons, chemical weapons are of particular concern. Although party to the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention, Pyongyang eschewed the Chemical Weapons Convention. Perhaps this is because it has developed a reliable chemical weapons capability.

It is believed that the North has stockpiled 1,000 tons of such weaponry and can produce 4,500 tons of chemicals annually. It has various chemical agents, including sarin, tabun, phosgene, adamsite, mustard gas, and blood agents (such as hydrogen cyanide). Furthermore, it has delivery means which include artillery pieces, multiple-launch rocket systems, mortars, and missiles. Rodong and Taepo Dong–2 missiles could threaten South Korea, Japan, and the United States by making most major East Asian cities vulnerable to attack.

Korea Military Power


North Korea has 5bilion dolar year budget .. it is 400 milion a month and for that u gota keep alive 1milion ak 47 replace old ones cuz every ak has a life .. 30k rounds-60k .. and they gota feed 1.5milion soldiers take it that each of em eats 20bucks a day .. and uses amo , clothers shower , sheets .. +10 wich is 30bucks a day and well comunism i guess soldat earns 10bucks a day.. 40x1.5 milion it is ... 60milion x 30 days .... it just cant fit wich means north korea has rustu shit and they proly dont even feed soldiers and proly dont buy em gear and they dont have money for any nuclear shit or anything modern than 1960'. comunism is enemy of the world ... look at south korea they lived same shitty life 30ys ago and now south korea earns 2 TRILION while north dudes earn 20bilion i mean whatafuck ... 100times more -.- ? srsly ... fucking comunists id shoot em all bstrds ..

Communism is superior and a North Korea/Corrupt Korea war would definitely prove that.

I bet the fat-bellied, decadent, americanized southerners would not last 3 weeks against their northern brothers.

I would gladly kill you, mind that.

Spoken like a true commie, you forgot the running dog western lackey part though.

S. Kahani

You make me laugh my man. You’re probably right about the three weeks but it would not turn out the way you think. South Korea would kick the shit out of the North. This is not the 1950s or 60s or 70s. South Korean Military is a force to be reckoned with these days. The North can’t even feed there damn people. Don’t even think the US is there to protect the South these days. As a friend told me who was stationed there 15 years ago. We’re not there to keep the North from coming south. That’s BULL SHIT. We’re there to keep the South from going north. I said maybe we should let them.

Oh by the way. Long live Israel too buddy.

The last comment of"I would gladly kill you", oh please you know you would sooo get your ass kicked.

You cant just look at the numbers and say the North Korean Military is better. You must keep in mind that the North Korean Military still has very old military equipment. Many of their tanks and fighter jets are not modern. They do have some modern military jets and tanks but their level of training isnt as high as South Korea or the United States. Look at what happened when in the first Gulf War Iraqi jets and tanks tried to fight American tanks and jets.
I still wouldnt say that the North Korean military is weak. They have enough firepower to level the South Korean capital. The North Koreans would not be able to win a war though.

iraq had the 4th biggest army.
it's gone be a big turky shoot

S. Kahani:

If you will notice one thing, the "fat bellied westerners" aren't like the North Koreans at all: They're not starving to death from "superior" communism.

Yep...thier bellies are a bit concave due to their's shrivelling up from state sponsored hunger, and the inibility of the prison camp nation of North Korea to feed itself without being the "bitch state" of the Soviet Union. Now that the Soviet Union is gone, they can't even feed themselves. They haven't for some time.

I have no doubt that the DPNK Army can swarm the DMZ at any time. Just boil a pot of rice on the south side of the DMZ and they will pile over each other through the minefields to fill the hollow ribcages they call stomachs. more thing, K...took the opportunity to look at your Islamofascist profile, and the North Koreans would gladly kill _YOU_ for the crime of being a Muslim.

Gee...a loud talking, self described Palistinian "hawk" in Italy. I'm scared....hohoohoohoo...

Don't confuse Americans with deballed Eurotrash, my freind. We would gladly introduce you to your ancestors, as well.

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Sadly you all seem victims of propaganda. Anyone with a well working brain knows, there is no 'North' or 'South', no good or bad. Since the northern communists have no space or opportunity to an opinion, being completely brainwashed and starved and oppressed. Threatened to have their families punished or killed if they do not behave like robots.
What is there to talk about military gain or loss? If there is no real opinion, meaning, argument of the two peoples? They'r genetically one, culturally one historically.
Just a small group of, not even dictatorship, but a clownesque oligarchic mechanism of power.
The whole purpose or opportunity of humans, of man kind, is missed out there.
It is the social environment that is most similar to George Orwell's "1984" in the world.
So, now chance on winners in war, only losers.
Single mother's and children starving, disabled veterans, people -simple soldiers with no clear mind or education- being shot, harmed... that will be the outcome for 100's of 1000's or millions....for what?
Someone mentions 'de-balled eurotrash'.
Tell me, what gain did the people, the citizens of USA have from their last wars? What did 'the people' get out of it? An enormous debt that their children's children will not be able to pay? Lack of real development on their industries, 'cause all the money went into military? Bad international relations, so their international business is less then it could be?
... Good luck! Wishing you a lot of desperately needed awareness.

North Korea might win the initial battle but it cant win a prolonged war against South Korea given its inadequate resources and supplies.

So you people say the south is more capeble of fighting than the north is. It may be true but we only find out when it trully happens.

I doubt if the north is being less cappeble of fighting than the south. Dont forget Americans are held dumb as well as the north koreans. They are verry simular to people of North korean. Many of the American people have absolutely no knowledge and havent been anywhere in the world accept for america.

Well i been in America and i been in North korea as a tourist. I can tell the countrys arent that different and my guess is the people in North Korea are way more happy than the Americans.

My conclutions americans are full of propaganda and full shit.
The most ignorand people on the world.

Dont forget the north has support from china, the real world power.

Greetings from the Netherlands

+1 @ Hein henderson
+1 @ Nederlands

PROPAGANDA is the keyword of every war in the world.

In the name of god, for you're country, in the name of WHAT THE F*..?!

Why not just peace for you're self, friends and family.

War is so not 21th century!

People are awaking now..

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