Friday, October 22, 2010

Various Types of Sukhoi SU-30MKM Series Until The SU-30KN


SU-30MKM A multirole two-seat fighter that is similar to the Su-30MKI but with a different avionics configuration. The Israeli systems that are part of the Su-30MKI’s configuration will be deleted from this “Islamic” version and replaced with additional French avionics modules. This model was developed specifically for Malaysia, which signed a contract for the purchase of 18 aircraft in 2003. Indonesia are reportedly interested in this version, switching from KNAAPO as their principle supplier. (Irkut no KNAAPO).


A single-seat version derived from the original Su-27SK export model sold to the PLAAF and equipped with an air-to-air refueling system, the A-737 GPS system with dual GLONASS/NAVSTAR capability and VOR, ILS and DME navigation/landing systems. This variant was developed initially for Indonesia. (KNAAPO).


 A two-seat version based on the Su-30K with a modernised avionics suite and radar that has an additional autonomous channel so that air-to-air and air-to-ground functions are separated. This version was developed cooperatively by Irkut and OKB Russkaya Avionika, but only one prototype has been modified to this configuration. The Su-30KN was offered as an option that would be a deeper modernisation than the Su-27SK/SM, but still below the level of a Su-30MKI/ MKM. (Irkut = Single Sheet)


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