Thursday, October 14, 2010

Russian Military Best Weaopons Parade

Waeopons Parade Russian Defense Military.
The Russian military is divided into the following branches: Ground Forces, Navy, and Air Force. There are also three independent arms of service : Strategic Missile Troops, Military Space Forces, and the Airborne Troops.

Russia possesses the largest stockpile of nuclear weapons in the world. Russia's Strategic Rocket Forces controls its land-based nuclear warheads, while the Navy controls the submarine based missiles and the Air Force the air based warheads. Russia's nuclear warheads are deployed in four areas:

1. Land based immobile (silos), like RS-24.
2. Land-based mobile, like SS-27 Topol M.
3. Submarine based, like SS-N-30 Bulava.
4. Air-based warheads of the Russian Air Forces' strategic bomber force
5. The Navy consists of four fleets:

*Baltic Fleet (HQ at Baltiysk in the enclave of Kaliningrad Oblast).
*Pacific Fleet (HQ at Vladivostok).
*Northern Fleet (HQ at Severomorsk).
*Black Sea Fleet (HQ at Sevastopol, Ukraine. (In 2005, the Ukrainian government agreed that Russia would be allowed to lease several base areas around Sevastopol until 2017.)
*Armed Forces of the Russian Federation

Military manpower (Source mostly CIA World Factbook)
Military age 18 years of age Availability males age 18-49: 35,247,049 (2005 est.). Fit for military service males age 18-49: 21,000,000 (2006 est.). Reaching military age annually 821,103 (2008 est.). Active troops 1,037,000 Total troops 3,796,100 Military expenditures $34 billion USD.


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