Thursday, October 14, 2010

Russian The Best S-330 Missile Defense and Sale

This show went live at Russia Today satellite TV channel 09/22/2010 (New rillies)

Igor Khokhlov from the Moscow-based Institute of World Economy and International Relations claimed that Russian officials have always been very prudent and have always followed the international line.

"Actually Russian officials announced from the very beginning, right after the sanctions were imposed, three months ago in June, that Russia is going to follow all international regulations and international law and if this system, S-300, falls under the sanctions, it means it will not be shipped to Iran before the situation changes," Khoklov recalled. "Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said it right after the sanctions were imposed." As for the Russia's plans to increase military co-operation with Israel, there is nothing especially interesting about it, Khokhlov said.

"There are a lot of speculations about vested interests of Israeli lobby or Iranian lobby in Russia," he told RT. "Actually Russia has been co-operating with over 100 countries selling its military gear and now Russia is going to sell its military gear to Afghanistan, Russia is doing business with Saudi Arabia. Russia has lots of multi-million contracts with Israel. Russian and Israeli companies develop military hardware and sell it then to India. [The] Russian military industrial complex is so large, it has links to almost all countries all over the world, and I think it's quite unreasonable to have any vested interests."


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