Friday, June 10, 2011

U.S Air Force Combat Flight Creating Reliable

The Battle Won In Air

Today’s challenging global environment necessitates capable leaders at all levels to ensure the success of our force. Our Airmen are engaged in a dizzying array of missions today, ranging from operating satellites in deep space, applying air power to the battlefields of Afghanistan and Iraq, maintaining air defense of the skies over
the United States, launching Air Mobility Command aircraft approximately every 90 seconds, 24/7, 365 days a year, to directly supporting humanitarian missions around the globe. The methodical steps to develop these well-rounded Airmen begin the moment they take the oath of office, accepting the Core Values—Integrity First, Service Before Self, and Excellence in All We Do. These core values are what defines us as Airmen and empowers us to learn from our forefathers and accept the responsibilities and challenges of the future.

In place or deployed, our Airmen and their families are our most important priority and the key to our continued success. Maintaining peak combat capability begins and ends with smart, healthy, motivated, trained, and well-equipped Airmen. To this end, we have a continued need to recruit, retain, equip, and train our entire force. These challenges are great and the stakes are incredibly high. While we give Airmen leaders the tools they need to overcome even the greatest odds, we must continue to look for new and innovative ways to maintain and improve our training, personal and professional education, and quality of life to meet today’s commitments while preparing for the challenges of tomorrow.

We are a seamlessly integrated and expeditionary Total Force transparently composed of Active Duty, Air National Guard, Air Force Reserve, and Civilians. Our Total Force is what makes the Air Force unique. Flying high over our cities are fighter, refueling, and airlift aircraft providing everything from Presidential support, Homeland Defense, Humanitarian relief, GWOT support, to training missions; all fly the same aircraft and all aircrew wear the same uniform. There are subtle differences. These Airmen can be active duty Airmen, airline pilots, teachers, doctors, or your neighbors performing part-time duty as Air Force Reservists or Air National Guard Airmen.

To continue our expeditionary success, we deliberately develop Airmen with international insight, foreign language proficiency, and cultural understanding to enhance our effectiveness in a dynamic international environment. All Airmen must have the right skill sets to understand the specific regional context in which Air,Space, and Cyberspace power may be applied. Knowledge is power and empowering our Airmen is what sustains the United States Air Force as the world’s premier Air Force.


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