Tuesday, July 24, 2012

MiG-29M and Mig 29M2 Multirole Fighter

The MiG-29M Fighter and MIG 29M2 multirole fighter is designed to defeat air and ground/surface targets by day and night in fair and adverse weather conditions, and in complex jamming environment. The aircraft features high combat effectiveness, outstanding flight performance characteristics, and easy operation.

Thanks to a second crewmember (on M2 version), certain combat missions, especially attacks against ground targets, operations within a group of MiG-29s, operations in jamming conditions, can be accomplished more effectively. The aircraft is equipped with an in-flight refuelling system. The MiG-29M aircraft is a new-generation MiG-29 aircraft. It differs from the latest MiG-29SMT upgrade by the increased internal fuel load, upgraded engine with increased thrust and smokeless combustion chamber, digital multichannel fly-by-wire control system, stores stations number increased to 8. The aircraft has a reinforced landing gear. Its flight life and service life are also increased to 6,000 flying hours and 40 years correspondingly. 

MiG-29M and Mig 29M2 Fighter

The aircraft is maintained on condition. The MIG-29M and MIG 29M2 fighter is unified with the MiG- 29K/KUB by 95%.

The MiG-29M/M2 Fighter avionics suite has an open architecture based on the MIL-STD-1553B multiplexing bus enabling integration of the onboard equipment and weapon systems of both Russian and foreign origins at customer request. The MiG-29M aircraft is equipped with the advanced weapons control system including the new Zhuk-M multi-function radar with enhanced operational range, multi-channel fire capability and modern air-to-ground modes of operation. The optical locating station and helmet-mounted targeting system make the avionic suite of the aircraft functionally complete. Integration of the targeting and navigational equipment on the basis of the modern computing system has helped to notably increase target acquisition range and sighting angles, as well as the number of targets simultaneously engaged (up to four).

Mig 29M2 Fighter

MiG-29M and Mig 29M2 Armament
The MiG-29M and Mig 29M2 weapons control system manages the RVV-АЕ, R-27ER1, R-27EТ1, R-27R1, R-27Т1, R-73E air-to-air guided missiles, Kh-29T(ТE), Kh-29L, Kh-31А, Kh-31P, Kh-35E air-to-surface guided missiles, КАB-500Кr, КАB-500L corrected bombs, unguided rockets, bombs and the GSh-301 built-in gun. An interactive training system and simulators are offered for on-ground formation of the flying and technical personnel.

Mig 29M2 Fighter

MiG-29M Fighter and MIG 29M2 specifications
                                          MiG-29М                    MiG-29М2
Crew                                       1                                    2
Take-off weight, kg:
normal                                17,500                            17,800
max                                    22,400                            23,700
Powerplant                                       RD-33МК
Afterburning thrust, kgf                     2 х 9,000
Max operational g-load                        9.0
Max airspeed, km/h:
at ground-level                                   1,500
at high altitude                  2,400                                2,200
Service ceiling, km                             17.5
Flight range, km:
w/o EFT /
with 3 х EFT                 2,000/3,200                      1,700/2,700
with 3 х EFT and one
in-flight refuelling, kg                  more than 5,500
Max external payload, kg            6,500


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