Friday, March 16, 2012

Nimrod R1 Intelligence Gathering Aircraft

Nimrod R1 Aircraft RAF 51 Squadron

The Nimrod R1 Aircraft is a derivative of the Nimrod MR2 maritime patrol aircraft and is operated by No 51 Squadron, from RAF Waddington. The Nimrod R1 has a highly sophisticated and sensitive suite of systems used for reconnaissance and gathering electronic intelligence. The ability of the Nimrod to transit at high speed and then loiter in an operational area at lower speed for long periods makes it ideally suited to the task. Air refuelling can extend the Nimrod R1’s endurance should the task demand.

Nimrod R1 Aircraft

The Nimrod R1 is operated by a four-man flight deck crew of two pilots, a flight engineer and a weapons systems officer, and an electronic reconnaissance crew of 24 reconnaissance-equipment operators commanded by a mission supervisor. The aircraft is fitted with two inertial navigation systems and a satellite-based global positioning system to assist in the requirement for accurate navigation. The Nimrod R1 can be distinguished from the maritime MR2 aircraft by the absence of the tail-mounted Magnetic Anomaly Detector boom.

Nimrod R1 Aircraft Specifications
Powerplant: Four Rolls-Royce Spey 251 turbofans
Thrust: 12,140lbs each
Wingspan: 35m (114ft 9ins)
Length: 35.86m (117ft 8ins)
Height: 9.14m (30ft 2ins)
Max T/O weight: 83,636kg (184,000lbs)
Internal Fuel: 38,182kg (84,000lbs)
Max endurance: 10hrs (internal fuel)
Max Speed: 360kts (420mph)
Max altitude: 44,000ft

• Jet-powered reconnaissance and electronic intelligence gathering aircraft.

• Carries a highly sophisticated and sensitive suite of systems.

• Able to transit at high speed and then loiter at lower speed for long periods.

• Endurance of 10 hours, which can be extended by air refuelling.

• Carries two inertial navigation systems and a global positioning system.

Nimrod R1 Aircraft RAF Maritime Patrol
Yet another example of the Governments stupidity in undermining the defence of the UK, by prematurely getting rid of the last remaining Nimrod R1 aircraft which were based at RAF Waddington Lincolnshire.. With nothing to replace them until at least 2014, it beggers belief as to what Mr Cameron and Co think they are doing, they should, in my humble opinion, be charged with putting the safety of the UK and its dependents in jeopardy.


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