Monday, May 30, 2011


Cost, operational security or safety risks to the operators often make live training prohibitive. As a result, SOF regularly relies on computer-driven, virtual simulations which effectively replicate system capabilities, mission environments and mission scenarios. These systems emulate real-world equipment operating within a virtual combative environment. Most SOF training and missionrehearsal actions are conducted in fully immersive “mock-up” systems that replicate the form, fit and function of the actual weapon system. The training environment includes three-dimensional views, computer-generated forces, synthetic communications,
environmental conditions and sensory cues to train SOF warriors in the closest representation possible of the realities of combat.

CV-22 Aircrew training system
Aircrew training system acquisitions address training needs for the AC-130U, CV-22, MC-130W, and U-28A. The AC-130U training systems include a sensor part task trainer and the electronic warfare officer station. The CV-22 training systems include operational flight trainers. The MC-130W training systems include the weapon systems trainer and the fuselage trainer. The U-28A training systems include the cockpit training device and the mission-training device. Additional aircrew training systems are being studied to
address nonstandard aviation (NSAV) and small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS).

The simulator block update (SBUD) program sustains legacy fixed wing aviation training capabilities through training device obsolescence modifications and contractor logistics support. This program addresses the significant recurring effort to sustain existing training devices. Obsolete simulator subsystems are replaced
periodically to maintain fidelity, enhance reliability and maintainability and ensure operational readiness. In addition to obsolescence, training devices must remain current to ever-evolving improvements to weapon systems. Training device currency with the aircraft weapon system is addressed by the SBUD program
in terms of technology and modifications. SBUD also enablesthe addition of modifications to maintain the concurrency of the simulators with the weapon system.

The Special Operations Mission Planning Environment (SOMPE) program is a computer-based suite of software products that display two- and three-dimensional views of mission routing, threat positions and ranges, weapon system performance data, route de-confliction, weather data and friendly positions. The
SOMPE program automates time-sensitive planning activities that enhance SOF operations and includes support personnel at the operational level to maintain system operations and currency worldwide.

This suite also addresses planning coordination and is used from the tactical level up to the theater level. SOMPE is an integral part of the SOF family of systems in that all planning and rehearsal can be integrated across air, ground and maritime networks, training exercises, and distributed mission operations events.


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