Thursday, March 3, 2011

HNLMS Tromp F803 Ship Class Frigate Dutch High Technology Armament Ship

The HNLMS Tromp F803 ship displaces 6,044 tonnes fully loaded and has a length of 144m. Powered by two diesel engines with the expected boost of twin turbines driving twin shafts, she is reported to have a speed of around 30 knots through the water. In keeping with modern design thinking, the ship carries a low radar and heat signature.

Three days later, on 17 March 2010, HNLMS Tromp was involved in an incident with suspected pirates off the coast of eastern Africa. Two small boats approached the frigate at high speed. After realizing the Tromp was a warship, the pirates fled. However, the Tromp pursued and captured the two boats, along with a mother ship. The frigate destroyed the two boats and released the pirates to the mother ship, after it had been cleared of weapons.

On 5 April 2010, HNLMS Tromp rescued the container ship MV Taipan by rappelling 6 Marines from its Lynx helicopter (under covering fire from the helicopter and the Tromp) to the deck of the Taipan, resulting in the capture of 10 pirates. The 13 crew (2 German, 3 Russian, 8 Sri Lankan) were unharmed having taken refuge in a secure location after stopping the ship's engines.

 The HNLMS TROMP F803 Class Frigate armaments consist of a large array of missiles, with a single gun on the foredeck and several lighter guns plus four torpedo tubes. She is equipped to carry two helicopters and has a crew of 220.


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