Thursday, March 3, 2011

HMS Duncan Type 45 Class Destroyers Technology BAE System U.K Royal Navy

The HMS Duncan 7,500 tonne warship, HMS Duncan, slipped into the water from BAE's shipyard at Govan. The vessel will provide air defence cover, be able to carry up to 60 Royal Marine Commandos and operate a variety of helicopters from its flight deck. It will enter service in 2014. The completed Type 45s are Daring, Diamond, Dauntless, Dragon and Defender. The ship is equipped with the Sea Viper missile system, designed to tackle multiple airborne or sea-based targets.

Minister for Defence Equipment, Peter Luff, said: The launch of HMS Duncan is the culmination of a huge effort by workers here on the Clyde, across the country throughout the supply chain, and in the MoD, completing this class of potent warfighters of which everyone involved can be very proud. HMS Duncan is the sixth and last of the Royal Navy's Type 45 destroyers, which are meant to protect the fleet by shooting down enemy aircraft and missiles.

It is only 60% complete and has still to be fitted out before undergoing extensive sea trials. It is not expected to be in operational service until 2014. The HMS Duncan Type 45 is world class. These ships are as versatile as they are powerful.

"Naturally, her war-fighting capability includes the ability to engage hostile forces using the Sea Viper missile system, her gun or other onboard weapon systems, while her ship's company provide anything from boarding parties that deter and disrupt pirates, to landing ashore for the provision of humanitarian disaster relief. HMS Duncan can also deploy up to 60 Royal Marines Commandos and their equipment and operate a range of helicopters from her flight deck. The 7500-tonne HMS Duncan was built by BAE Systems using 2800 tonnes of steel and is covered with 40 tonnes of paint.

The warship is affiliated to Dundee and Belfast and completes the class of six Type 45 destroyer along with Daring, Dauntless, Diamond, Dragon and Defender. BAE Systems is over halfway through the programme to deliver all six ships to the Royal Navy by the end of 2013. HMS Duncan can also deploy up to 60 Royal Marine Commandos and their equipment and operate a range of helicopters from her flight deck. These are fantastic ships and I look forward to HMS Duncan joining the Fleet."

The Type 45 destroyer is the largest and most powerful air defence destroyer ever built for the Royal Navy and will provide UK defence with a world-class military capability. The Type 45s will provide the backbone of the UK's naval air defences for the next 30 years and beyond.

Launch of HMS Duncan 11th October 2011 The 'last' dynamic launch of a Royal Naval vessel from a Glasgow shipyard. How very sad and poignant. My wife and I drove through Yoker in September and thought her silhouette against the sky evoked great memories. I'm an Airdrie boy who has lived in Gloucestershire for the past 30 years. One of my neighbours is a Bankie, Isobel Lindsay, wee Shug and Betty's lassie. Great pics. Well done.


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