Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Poland Variant Series PT - 91 Main Battle Tank By ZAKLADY MECHANICZNE BUMAR

PT - 91, PT-91M, PT-91P, PT-91Z, PT-91E Main Battle Tank
PT-91 the intention of Polish General Staff was to equip all brigades of 11th Armored Cavalry Division with PT-91, at the time the division had 4 brigades: 10th Armored Cavalry, 15th Armored Cavalry, 17th Mechanized and 34th Armored Cavalry. In 2002, 10th Armored Cavalry received Leopard 2 A4 tanks donated to Poland by Germany, in 2007 the 15th Armored Cavalry was disbanded and the 17th Mechanized received the first KTO Rosomak. All these changes allowed the reallocation of PT-91s to other divisions, replacing the oldest T-72s.

 A typical Polish PT-91 tank battalion equipped with 53 tanks is composed of 4 frontline companies with 13 vehicles in each and 1 tank for the battalion commander. Every company of 13 tanks is composed of three platoons with 4 tanks in each and 1 tank for the company commander. The PT-91 was followed by five variants, namely PT-91A Twardy, PT-91Z Hardy, PT-91M Pendekar, PT-91E/Ex and PT-91P. The PT-91A is an advanced version of the PT-91 and is powered by a S-1000 engine producing 1,000hp. The variant is used as a demonstrator in military expos. The PT-91Z Hardy is equipped with an advanced SAGEM Savan-15 fire control system.

 "The PT-91 is derived from the T-72M1 battle tank in service with the Polish Army."The PT-91M Pendekar is an export variant deployed by Malaysia. It is equipped with an enhanced 125mm gun, S-1000 engine, French fire control system, communication system and hydropneumatic transmission.

The PT-91 E/Ex is also an export variant supplied to different countries. The PT-91E is designated as SP1, while the PT-91Ex is named as SP2. The PT-91P is an advanced version of the PT-91Ex, used as a demonstrator for the SITDEF Peru 2009 military expo. It is fitted with a Drawa fire control system, advanced thermal sight as well as a communication.

- 125 mm main gun with automatic loader
- 7.62 mm machine gun
- 12.7 mm anti-aircraft heavy machine gun
- optoelectronic systems integrated, fire control system DRAWA


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