Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Argentina Army CIBEL-2K Missile, Mathogo-1 And Mathogo-2 Anti Tank Missile


This is a second-generation ATGM developed by Argentina in the mid-1980s to replace the earlier Mathogo. The CIBEL-2K is similar in appearance to the Mathogo, but uses a semi-automatic command to the line of sight (SACLOS) guidance system, which makes the missile much easier to guide than the Mathogo. The CIBEL-2K is guided by an infrared beam rather than wires; this allows the missile to fly faster, and it can be fired over water (unlike most wire-guided missiles). The guidance system includes a counter-countermeasure system that makes the CIBEL-2K less vulnerable to IR countermeasures and interference.

The missiles are fired from a box launcher; these are connected to the guidance unit used by the gunner by wires, and the operator may be connected to as many as 12 launcher boxes (though he may guide only one at a time). The operator may be as far as 50 meters from any individual missile. An image intensifier or a thermal imager may be connected to the guidance optics, though such night vision devices must be of standard NATO or Israeli-compatible types. This missile, unfortunately, fell victim to budget cuts.

Mathogo-1 and Mathogo-2Anti Tank Missile
Though developed in the late 1970s, the Mathogo is a first-generation ATGM design. It’s not bad for a first effort, but it was quickly replaced by other missiles, both foreign and domestic in design. It is similar in appearance to a smaller version of the old British Vigilant ATGM, and has about the same performance. The missile is wire guided, and controlled from a guidance unit that is connected by wires to the launcher box. Up to 4 launcher boxes may be connected to the guidance unit. Two versions of the missile are available: the standard Mathogo-1, and the Mathogo-2 with an improved motor for longer range and improved warhead.
The Mathogo-1 is an extremely slow missile; Mathogo-2 is only a little faster.


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