Friday, June 10, 2011

Russia Made 2A65 Msta-B towed howitzer Artillery

152mm 2A65 Msta-B towed howitzer is designed to engage hostile exposed and sheltered manpower, weapons, tactical nuclear weapons, command and control posts, artillery and mortar batteries, tanks and
infantry in strongholds, at deployment lines and on march, AD and EW assets, etc., as well as to demolish field fortifications.

Depending on the mission at hand, howitzer fires regular or HE-fragmentation rocket-assisted ammunition including cluster munitions filled with fragmentation, HEAT-fragmentation, or self-targeting submunitions, illuminating and smoke rounds, active tactical communications jamming rounds and Krasnopol laser beam riding precision-guided projectiles. Unlike other artillery systems, 2A65 howitzer can fire ammunition organic to ‘legacy’ pieces, e.g.

152mm D-20 gun-howitzer. The weapon is mounted on a twotrail carriage provided with a firing platform. When trails are being split, the wheels’ springing automatically cuts off, which in combination with the three-baffle muzzle brake makes the howitzer very stable at firing. Msta-B has an elevation of 70 degrees, with traverse equalling 28 degrees to the left and 27 degrees to the right. Laying is performed via a two-speed laying mechanism.

The howitzer features separate loading which at any elevation is performed by the spring-operated projectile and propellant charge rammers cocked by the weapon’s recoiling parts in the course of firing. There is
a loading tray to prevent round’s components from falling down. The tray is set into position automatically whenever the wedge-type breech mechanism is open. When in travelling configuration, Msta-B
howitzer is towed by Ural-4320 or KamAZ-43118 truck.

2A65 Msta-B towed howitzer Artillery


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