Monday, December 13, 2010

German Made Army M-113 Artillery Observer By Bundeswehr

M-113 Artillery Observer

The M113 for forward observers (FO) in the German Bundeswehr is based on the M113A1G version, equipped with additional electronics to enhance it's capabilities to observe enemy activity, and to request artillery fire rather quickly and accurately. The vehicle and internal equipment is manned by a crew of four. For self defense purposes, it is equipped with the standard 7.62mm MG3.

The M113/VB (VB is the German abbreviation for FO, "Vorgeschobener Beobachter") is equipped with a vehicle navigational system FNA-615, the optically based observation periscope OZVA/Peri D11, a computer to calculate the ballistic paths of the firing units ("Falke"), and digital radio for data transmission. The OZVA has an integrated laser range finder. Due to the reduced night combat capabilities (no thermal imager) of the M113, it has begun to be phased out this year, to be replaced by a new vehicle based on the Leopard 1A5 hull and turret (the main gun will be removed from the turret in this new FO vehicle).

As stated before, this vehicle acts as a forward observer for German units in the sim, and will give you increased capabilities in calling in artillery fire. According to the German TO&E the M113/VB belongs to the brigade units; one vehicle will be detached to one combat company each. It's pretty easy to tell the difference between a normal M113 and this FO vehicle; the distinguishing features are the comparatively big periscope and the heightened, box-type part of the hull on the roof as a result of the space requirements of the D11 system.

M-113 Artillery Observer

Crew: 4
Armament: 7.62mm MG
Ammunition: 2,000 x 12.7mm
Armour: 44mm maximum
Armour Type: Aluminum
Length: 4.863 meters
Width: 2.686 meters
Height: 1.85 meters to top of hull, another meter for periscope equipment, extending to about another 3.5 meters.
Combat Weight: 12.1t
Engine: 6 cylinder water-cooled diesel
Max Road Speed: 65 km/h
Max Water Speed: 5.8 km/h amphibious
Max Cruising Range: 480 km


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