Friday, June 10, 2011


English/UK made M777 ARTILERRY

In pursuit of the UK’s now defunct Lightweight Mobile Artillery Weapon System (Gun) programme, BAE systems developed a system based around the M777 and carried by a portee 8x6 SUPACAT vehicle
weighing in at 12.3 tonnes. Rather than being fired from the Supacat, the standard ‘towed’ gun would be ‘dropped off’ and could be fired in under three minutes.

Denel Land Systems’ iconic 6x6 G6 platform is in service with South Africa, UAE and Oman and has demonstrated a road range of 700km while its L45 ordnance can reach ranges of as high as 53Km and can deploy and pull out in one minute and thirty seconds. A L52 variant with a new turret design, the G6- 52 has been developed but has yet to find a customer. The same ordnance is used in the T5 8x8 truck mounted system.

South Africa’s Denel Land Systems has had much success with the performance of the 105 mm Light Experimental Ordnance (LEO), described as meeting or exceeding the range – over 30km - and effectiveness of 155mm/39 calibre rounds, with a reduction in weight by over 40 percent. US firm General Dynamics Land Systems, integrated the LEO on a Stryker chassis for trials but these subsequently lapsed. A truck mounted
version has also been developed.

Serbia Made NORA B-52

Other eastern European players in the truck mounted arena include Serbia which is reported to have sold a 155 mm/52-calibre KamAZ-mounted variant of the NORA B-52 SP howitzer. Slovakia’s Zuzana howitzer is a 155mm/L52 version of the turreted 8x8 Dana howitzer.

ATROM Aerostar Wheeled self-propelled howitzer Made Roman

The system has been acquired by the Israel Defence Forces and several other undisclosed countries. Soltam have also been reported to have delivered a D30 122mm ATMOS based solution for Kazakhstan. Working
with domestic firm Aerostar in Romania, Soltam have developed the ATROM which takes the ATMOS gun and matched it with the locally made Roman 26.360 DFAEG 6x6 truck.


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