Friday, November 12, 2010

US Army Defense Humvee M1165A1 Special Ops HMMWV

Humvee M-1165A1

Armored Combat Vehicle This is the type of Humvee vehicles mainstay of American soldiers in the war Iraq and  Afghanistan


HMMWV is the world-standard family of light, tactical vehicles. It is a lightweight, highperformance, independent four-wheel drive, versatile and adaptable platform that currently supports more than 100 different systems. Since the first HMMWV rolled off the line in 1985, the platform has undergone a multitude of design and configuration improvements. From a simple fastener to the turbocharged diesel engine, virtually every
component has been enhanced or improved.


The Humvee M1165 is an Expanded-capacity vehicle (ECV) specifically engineered to withstand the harsh environment of South West Asia under increased payloads without sacrificing mobility, dependability or performance. The Humvee M1165 payload varies by armor configuration and fragmentation kit, and ranges from 2,230 to 4,950 lb. The Humvee M1165 is air transportable and droppable, and can be sling-loaded by helicopter.


The Humvee M1165 provides superior ballistic and fragmentation protection. The available armor comes in two kits, “A” and “B”, which, when combined, provide gapless mine and ballistic protection. The additional armor and fragmentation kits are all field installable/removable.

 Special Ops Options

Low profile weapons mount 3-bay ammo can holder A-frame spare tire carrier with 7,000 lb. jack Running boards with handholds Rear gun mounts with pintle (up to 4) Rear equipment shelf with stowage box Cargo rear side boards Side door gun mounts (up to 3) 4-bay ammo can holder (on top A/C evaporator) 3-bay ammo can holder (rear cargo LH) 2-bay ammo can holder (rear cargo RH) 7-water can area with tie down
Hood mounted Pioneer tool kit.


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