Saturday, November 27, 2010

Indonesia Aerospace Received Orders CEC 725 and EC 225 Helicopter of Eurocopter France

CEC-725 Military Helicopter And EC-225 Civil Helicopter

For almost 20 years the Indonesian aerospace and defence industry would find itself lavished with considerable attention. Investment in facilities and major license production programmes in areas such as aircraft, helicopters and surface combatants followed, even the design of indigenous aircraft. Yet with the end of the ‘Habibie period’ and the onset of democratic government times became hard for the Indonesian defence industry.

Today the industry has managed to bounce back and can demonstrate some impressive capabilities. PT PAL
has launched the first of two Makassar class LPDs for the TNI-AL, which are built to a Korean design, and has also developed very useful commercial shipbuilding skills. PT Pindad has developed the Panser 6x6 Pindad armoured vehicle, inspired by the French VAB, which is entering service with the Indonesian military.

While PT Dirgantara Indonesia is delivering MPA, transport aircraft and helicopters to Indonesia. There is still an immense amount of potential in the Indonesian defence industry. At the beginning of this year PT DI again received orders from foreign helicopter manufacturing. This time the PT DI received orders making 125 helicopters from Eurocopter France.

It is spoken by the Head of Public Relations of PT DI Rahendi Triyatna while talking with detikbandung the sidelines of inauguration of Advanced Helicopter Airframe Start Making 725/EC EC 225 in the hangar KP 4 PT DI Wednesday (2010).

"In the past 78 years been the cooperation with Eurocopter France to assemble the NAS 330 NAS Puma and Super Puma 332 in 85," explained Rahendi.
EC-725 Helicopter

Added Rahendi, projects with Eurocopter is not the first. "This is a third project between PT DI and French Eurocopter. They asked us to make the EC 725 helicopter with the type of (military) EC 225 (civil)," he explained.

The execution of this project is targeted to take ten years. "Contract 125 units by 2020. Funding purely from the Eurocopter," said Rahendi.

He added that today will be the start of work on this project. PT DI itself will be working on the tail and main body.

"Today is directly done. For the PT DI will be the manufacture of components such as tailboom (tail) and fuselage (main body). Cockpit and assembly is done in France," said Rahendi.

He said he hoped this project could open the eyes of the world to PT DI as an industrial nation capable of creating cutting-edge air kendaaran.

"With this project, we hope that PT DI is better known in the eyes of the world as a manufacturer of aircraft with the latest technology," said Rahendi.

EC-725 Helicopter


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