Friday, November 5, 2010

Combat Robot Made Indonesia Army

Indonesia Made Combat Robot to Indonesia Army (TNI-AD)

Even with all the limitations of the facilities owned, Institute for Technology Assessment (Lemjitek) Army, Karangploso, Malang regency, able to create a robot combat.

It is a robot combat is still in prototype form. However, he was able to be operationalized and tested in the open field. The system is also very sophisticated operation, which uses the remote control system using radio waves.

According to one member of the Army field technician Indonesia (TNI AD), Captain Arh. Peter Gunawan, combat robot prototype has been tested several times, and have traveled up to 1 km from central control. "The size is 1.5 m times 0.5 m weighing about 100 kg. This robot has two wheels drive the engine, and capable of carrying loads up to about 150 kg, maximum speed can reach 60 km / h, "he explained. Robots created in 2009 and have not had this name, driven by electricity from two batteries stored inside the robot body.

Two of these batteries have a 36 volt power that serves to drive, and 12 volts to the control system. Gunawan said, the robot is not completely perfect because the new assembly process is completed, the possibility still about 70-80% of the desired ideal conditions.

Field Technician Lenjitek other Indonesian Army, Captain Arm. Yuli Gatut Susan admitted that this combat robot designed for reconnaissance weapon that has a camera and sensors. "However, if there is an emergency like an attack from the opponent, both small arms and heavy combat vehicles, this robot can also be an effective combat tool and secure, because it can be controlled from afar" he said.


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