Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pakistan to Indonesia Jointly Produce JF-17 Thunder Fighter

Jf-17 Thunder Fighter Pakistan Made

TNI Chief of Staff of the Air Force, Air Marshal TNI Imam Sufaat responded positively to the offer of Pakistan to Indonesia to jointly produce JF-17 fighter aircraft. Pakistan-made fighter plane that has a cruising range of technology and more sophisticated than the F-16 fighter aircraft the U.S. production.

"The offer from Pakistan is very exciting, challenging and quite good in the development of our air defense forces. In addition, cooperation for the production of combat aircraft will boost our human resources to produce sophisticated fighter aircraft," said the priest told AFP after a ceremony commemorating 63 years Hari Bakti TNI Air Force in Iswahjudi Airport, Yogyakarta, on Thursday.

Appear to be present, among them former three ministries Agum Gumelar, a former Air Force Chief Marshal Subandrio, TNI Chief of General Staff Marshal TNI Associate Edy Hardjoko, Deputy Air Force Chief of TNI Marsdya Sukirno KS and Operations Command (Commander), Air Force I, Air Vice Marshal Eddy Suyanto TNI.

Pakistan Air Force (JF17)and Chinese Air Force (FC1) fighter being made at Chengdu. First flight of JF-17 in Pakistan.


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