Friday, October 29, 2010

North Korea Military Hwasong-5 Missile

Hwasong-5 Missile Or Scud-B

The Hwasong-5 missile was a reverse-engineered version of the Soviet-made Scud-B missile that North Korea received from Egypt between 1976 and 1981. In 1984, six tests of the Hwasong-5 missile were reportedly conducted with three successes and three failures in April and September. It was believed that missile production began in 1986 following these tests.

Hwasong-5 Missile
Four missiles were reportedly launched from the Musudan-ri launch facility without any notification to the international community. At least one or two Hwasong-5 and Hwasong-6 missiles and one ND-1 missile were test-launched.

Hwasong-5 Or Scud-b
During the test, the missiles were apparently fired at a target buoy in the direction of Japan’s peninsula, which Japan saw as a direct threat to its security. U.S. officials were unable to determine whether any of the missile tests were successful, but it was believed that the ND-1 traveled 500 km and one Hwasong missile traveled 100 km. The other two Hwasong missiles were unable to reach the 100 km mark.

North Korea Hwasong-5 Missile


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