Sunday, May 29, 2011

Counterspace Systems Radar In War

Counterspace Systems Target Mission

Protect friendly space-related capabilities from enemy attack or interference and prevent adversaries from using their space capabilities against us.


The Counterspace Systems program is designed to meet current and future military space control needs. It supports acquisition of both the Offensive Counterspace and Defensive Counterspace systems. A current project within this program is the Counter Communications System (CCS). This is an offensive electronic warfare system designed to disrupt adversary satellite-based communications using reversible, nondestructive

Other projects include the Rapid Attack Identification Detection and Reporting System (RAIDRS) and Command and Control elements that are required to execute counterspace missions. RAIDRS is a defensive counterspace system designed to detect, report, identify, locate, and classify attacks against U.S. military space assets.


Acquisition Status 


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