Friday, June 10, 2011

Apache Weapons System AAB-231

Apache AH-64A Armament System Course AAB-231


This course will provide aircraft technicians with the skills and knowledge required to successfully perform unit maintenance tasks on the AH-64A Apache Helicopter armament systems.

Recommended Order :

Supervisory personnel and unit level repair technicians.

Course Content :

This course will provide the aircraft technician with knowledge of the major assemblies, subassemblies, and line replaceable units for AH-64A Helicopter armament systems. Discussions will cover applicable peculiar ground support equipment and technical manuals, helicopter armament systems operation, component identification, fault detection and isolation techniques, and appropriate corrective actions.

Comprehensive academic instruction will encompass purpose, location, description and operation of AH-64A armament systems/components. This includes Electrical Power Application, 30-mm Gun, External Stores System, AGM-114 HELLFIRE Modular Missile Systems and Aerial Rocket Control Systems.

Practical exercises will consist of disassembly and assembly of the 30-mm gun, gun turret and ammunition handling system, and uploading and downloading of the 30-mm gun, missiles and rockets. Fault detection and isolation of the external stores system, gun system, HELLFIRE modular missile systems and aerial rocket control system will be performed.


AH-64A Armament Systems Course Syllabus

- System : Helicopter Familiarization & Electrical Power Application, Conference Hours: 5, Practical
Exercise Hours: 1, Total Hours : 6

- System : Saftey 1, Conference Hours: 1, Exercise Hours: 2

- System: Technical Manuals, Conference Hours: 0, Exercise Hours : 1

- System: Multiplex System (MUX), Conference Hours : 6 , Exercise Hours : 10

- System: Area Weapon System (AWS), Conference Hours: 22, Exercise Hors : 26

- System: External Stores System (ESS), Conference Hours: 2, Exercise Hours: 2

-  Aerial Rocket Control System (ARCS), Conference Hours: 1, Exercise Hours: 2

- Point Target Weapon System (PTWS),  Conference Hours: 4, Exercise Hours: 3


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