Sunday, September 26, 2010

China Military Visi And Mission

The development of China's Military

 Determining the nature of Chinese military policy and China’s ongoing military buildup will be one of the 21st century’s key international security issues. A wide variety of governmental, military, and scholarly assessments exist on the intentions and goals of China’s military. The secretive and dictatorial nature of China’s
government and military planning limit the amount of credible information about Chinese military doctrine and strategy that can be found in open source literature. China does not publicly publish a genuine English language counterpart to U.S. national military strategy documents. The lack of transparency in Chinese military policymaking has been noted by numerous sources, including the Defense Department’s annual report to Congress on China’s military power.

China Navy
It is believed that Chinese military doctrine places high emphasis on seizing the initiative in conflicts and keeping adversaries off balance through deception at the strategic, operational, and tactical levels. The absence of true transparency by the Chinese government and military about its military policies and doctrines, however, make any qualitatively reliable interpretation of Chinese military activities highly problematic.
China Air Forces-Fighter J-10
Since 1998, the Chinese government has biennially published what it says are English language national defense white papers, as well as selected papers on related topics such as Taiwan and its national space policy, at /. The 2010 defense white paper ( /english /feature /
book /194421.htm) features sections on what China sees as the international security environment and China’s role in that environment; a statement of national defense policy and organizational structure; descriptions of military force components such as the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and its border and costal defense program; declaration of how science and technology infl uence national defense strategy; purported defense expenditures; and appendices featuring major international exchanges between China’s military and foreign militaries and the names (but not the text) of major military regulations issued during 2005–2010.
China Military Anti Terrorist
In terms of strategic defense doctrine, this treatise reveals that China places high emphasis on the important role of information technology and mechanization as driving forces in developing the PLA. It also stresses China’s need to improve its national firepower, assault, mobility, protection, and information capabilities;
enhance its efforts to build a joint operational system capable of fighting information based wars; move from a local defense posture to one capable of engaging in regional power projection; and retain a nuclear deterrent capable of deterring hostile powers.


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