Sunday, May 29, 2011

AN/GSQ-272 Air Force Distributed Common Ground System ( AFDCGS)

AN/GSQ-272 Air Force Distributed Common Ground System ( AFDCGS) Mission

Collect, process, exploit, and disseminate data, information, and intelligence from Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) sensors such as the U-2, Global Hawk, Predator, and others.


The AN/GSQ-272 Air Force Distributed Common Ground System (AF DCGS) is a network- centric weapon system capable of tasking ISR sensors and receiving, processing, exploiting, and disseminating data and information from airborne, national, and commercial platforms and sensors. This weapon system consists of numerous Active Duty, Air National Guard, and mission-partner sites, interconnected by a robust communications structure that enables collaborative reachback ISR operations. AF DCGS operators correlate collected imagery intelligence, signals intelligence, and measurement and signatures intelligence data to provide decision quality information directly to the Joint Task Force and below, including significant support to timecritical targeting operations.


Range : Worldwide via datalink relay and satellite.

Coverage Size : Active Duty core locations: Langley AFB, VA; Beale AFB, CA; Hickam AFB, HI; Ramstein AB, Germany; Pacific Air Forces. Air National Guard (ANG) locations: Wichita, KS; Birmingham, AL; Little Rock, AR; Reno, NV. Other worldwide locations.

Interoperability : U-2, Global Hawk, Predator, and other ISR platforms/sensors; DoD DCGS architecture; intelligence community systems; national intelligence databases; theater communications systems and datalinks; DCGS Integration Backbone; Common Imagery Processor.

Acquisition Status

Program Status : Sustainment
Future Upgrades :
Upgrading to 10.2 configuration
Current Inventory :


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